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Whobo MLG (Special Edition) May 34

Information 2014

World Hobo (Whobo) is the largest brawl national tournament in Texas that is held every year in Houston. Players from around the world come and compete in this massive tournament to test their skills and see who is the best smash player!

Zuma Venue Video Tour

For additional information regarding Schedule, Rules, Setups

Visit the Smashboards Thread at



Facebook RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/278250605676938

Allisbrawl: http://allisbrawl.com/ttournament.aspx?id=14466



Zuma Fun Center (South)

6767 Southwest Freeway

Houston, Tx 77074

Hours: May/3/Saturday 10am – 1am & May/4/Sunday 11am – Midnight


Venue Policy

No outside food or drink are allowed in the venue. If you bring any outside food or drinks in the venue you will be asked to leave and not return back inside of the venue.




Go to http://www.hotels.com and type in address: 6767 Southwest Freeway, Houston, Tx 77074​ and it will find you all the hotels that are in a 20 mile radius from the venue.


Paypal Payment & Information

on how to register for World Hobo MLG

1. Whobo MLG is being capped at 200 people so register Now before registration fills up!

2. Online Registration ends on Apr 28, 2014! If you show up to the event without registering online, venue fee will be 40$.

3. Unless this event is cancelled, there are No Refunds of any kind. All sales are final!

4. All game registration will be done In Person and Not Online!

(If you have any questions click here and include “Help with WHOBO MLG Registration” in the message area)


Game Lineup

Brawl Singles & Doubles

Melee Singles & Doubles

Project M Singles & Doubles

64 Singles & Doubles

Playstation All-Stars Singles & Doubles

Side Events

Brawl Low-Tier Singles

Brawl Low-Tier + Mid-Tier Doubles


Online Registration has closed. See you at Whobo MLG!

Venue Fee Schedule

May 3 – 4 = $40 (Day of the event at the door)


Special Prizes

(1st 5 people to bring a full setup for Brawl will receive a FREE Whobo Brawl Poster)

Whobo MLG Brawl Poster

(1st 5 people to bring a full setup for Project M & Melee will receive a FREE Whobo Melee Poster)

Whobo MLG Melee Poster

Free Drink Coupons for bringing a full setup

This is a 1st come 1st serve so if you bring a Full Setup Tv/Game/Console you will receive a FREE drink coupon!

20 Coupons for Brawl / 5 Coupons for Project M / 5 Coupons for Melee / 5 Coupons for 64

5 Coupons for Playstation All-Stars


Trophy/Medals & Pot Bonus

1st Place Brawl Singles Diamond Motif Trophy

Whobo MLG Official Trophy

1st Place Singles & Doubles Medals

Whobo MLG Medals

$200 Total Pot Bonus to Brawl/$100 and Melee/$100





All Whobo merchandise ordered through Contact us form will be scheduled for (Pickup Only) on the dates of May 3-4, 2014. When filling out the contact us form, put in your subject title “Ordering” and list what you would like to order. When you receive your wristband and badge at the door, if you purchased any merchandise you will receive it that same day. Upon pickup you will need to give me your gamertag/order confirmation number along with your first and last name to verify that you are the person who purchased the merchandise. Shipping options are available, if interested fill out the price quote form by clicking Here.

Additional Custom Airbrush Items

If you would like anything extra airbrushed on the bags/shirts or want something custom please fill out the price quote form by clicking Here.




Whobo Event History Results

Whobo 1 (140+players): http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=229419

Whobo 2 (107+players): http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=271027

Whobo 3 (139+players): http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?p=12390578

Whobo 4 (110+players): http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=326126

Whobo 5 (140+players): https://www.facebook.com/events/384791671639249


Who will be the next Whobo Champions?

Whobo 5 Hall of Fame Champions

Vinnie 1 vs 1 Brawl Singles Champion

Whobo 5 Brawl 1vs1 Champion Vinnie

Gnes + Razer 2 vs 2 Brawl Doubles Champions

Whobo 5 Doubles Champion

Mekos 1 vs 1 Low + Mid Tier Brawl Singles Champion

Whobo 5 Mid Tier Champion

Espy+ Megafox 2 vs 2 Low + Mid Tier Brawl Doubles Champions

Whobo 5 Low Tier Doubles Champions

Mew2King 1 vs 1 Melee/Low-Tier/Project M/64 Singles Champion

Whobo 5 Champion M2K

Oracle + Denti 2 vs 2 Project M Doubles Champions

Whobo 5 Project Melee Doubles Champions

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