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Q: What is a full setup?

A: A full setup consist of a tv/console/videogame.


Q: If I bring my full setup to TGC will I be compensated?

A: Yes! Bring A Full Setup (Includes Tv/Game/Console) and get into the venue for $5. We need setups for the main games! This offer is only valid if setup is used during the tournament times listed and is limited on a 1st come 1st serve basis. The 1st few setups through the door will receive this special discount.


Q: What is Venue and Entry fees?

A: Venue fee is a charge that is collected by the venue for reimbursement for the usage of space and electricity. Entry fee is collected by the players to form a pot that is divided 3 ways by percentages. Standard/1st place/70%/2nd place/20%/3rd place/10% depending on how many players entered the tournament.


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