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Client Testimonials

(Custom Airbrush Service)

Monica Fuentes – I ordered a custom airbrushed t-shirt from airbrushking.net and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. DeAngelo was patient and diligent in making sure I got exactly what I wanted, a spring break style t-shirt with custom lettering. We photographed the shirt for the cover of the Houston Press and it turned out great! They turned the project around in plenty of time for the photo shoot. I would highly recommend the team and plan on calling on them in the future!

(Graphic Design Service)

Street Cream Logo Potholes

Toni McLain – I commissioned AirbrushKing to take an idea and make it great. They succeeded in making our company logo and it is now a registered trademark that we are proud of! They worked hard to make it right and to make it the logo that speaks “Street Cream”. Great service plus excellent work equals AirbrushKing.net

(Website Design Service)

Ambassadors For Homeless Warriors Website Screenshot

Quince E – The Ambassador for Homeless Warriors and Ex-Offenders is a non-profit organization in the local Houston area. When looking for an online presence to expand our influence in the community and to have a more professional outreach, we only had small budget. In comparison to 3 other website builders that were extremely over budget by thousands of dollars a year AirbrushKing.net offered the value we needed for a website. Overall the website was done very fast in a week timeframe when the photos and materials were submitted. We at The Ambassador House are happy with our product. Thank you AirbrushKing.net